About Moi

Well, where shall I start. I love life. I love people and I try every day to make a difference. Everybody’s favourite topic is themselves. I am trying not to enjoy constructing this particular page too much.

I write and speak to motivate and inspire lives. I write books, articles and am a web-entrepreneur.

As the author of over 20 books, I feel that I give away a bit of myself with every title.  I have a unique way of viewing the world.  No one is a carbon copy of someone else.  I have a high work ethic.

My family

It is my greatest pleasure to spend quality time with my family, and especially to see my two daughters SMILE or LAUGH.

I have lovely friends and a great extended family – apart from a few oddballs  (there is always one) and try to keep in touch with them as much as I can.

My Faith

I am a Christian, and take my faith seriously. I have always been a church-goer from since a little girl. I believe everyone should have a faith.  Life can be tough – and you need to have a higher power to explain the mysteries of what is really going on.

At one stage in my life I was heavily involved in church life. I believe that everyone should live a good life – whether you are religious or not.  The principles of faith help to make a better world. Be kind and thoughtful. Show real love to people in your inner circle, but also be a help to strangers. If you can help somebody… then your living will not be in vain.


My hobbies

I enjoy writing, whether its books, articles, or responses to forum discussions or commentary on current affairs.
I play the piano, guitar and sing also. I used to be part of a singing group in my teenage years. I think we were called the Celestials. (don’t ask)

I enjoy playing badminton and table tennis.
One of my life’s ambitions was to learn to sew and guess what I started to learn in March 2013. I was so keen – I travelled two hours one way to take a 2 hour lesson in the sewing and design of clothes.

I love reading and researching.  I have about 1000 books at home.  I do not believe in throwing away books.  More about this below.

I occasionally like to watch  sports on TV or in person, including football, tennis, basketball and athletics. Arsenal is the team I support (or used to avidly).  When England are playing international games – I am there – on the armchair – supporting.  See me here in my England T-Shirt for the Euros 2021.  Yea – I was supporting England.  Antigua didn’t have a team in the World Cup.  Actually – Antigua doesn’t have national Football Team. (My parents are both Antiguan born and bread.)


Books, Books & More BOOKS

OK, I have to let you know I am a book addict.  I collect books. Take me to a 2nd hand book shop where I can get books for 50p or less, and I will give you a big giant hug.  That is book heaven for me.  My preference is non-fiction but I have a spattering of fiction titles too.  I like to hear news about books, writers, and will use  books to  research or give ideas on various topics.

Below is the library in my home.

My Book Categories (but don’t be fooled – my books are not in any kind of order apart from big books and little books – via size only)

Social Sciences & LifestyleHistory & PoliticsBusiness / Economics & Finance / Tech
Green Energy
A Futuristic world
Religion & Theology
Race / Racism
Financial Trading

Black History
Civil Rights Movement
American Politics
African Politics
International Trade
Key Trailblazers through History

International Development
Business Startups and Growth
Biographies of the rich and famous
Developing Countries

Business Failures

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