About Moi.

Well, where shall I start. I love life. I love people and I try every day to make a difference. Everybody’s favourite topic is themselves. I am trying not to enjoy constructing this particular page too much.

I write and speak to motivate and inspire lives. I write books, articles and am a web-entrepreneur.

As the author of 15 books, I feel that I give away a bit of myself with every title.  I have a unique way of viewing the world.  No one is a carbon copy of someone else.  I have a high work ethic.

My family
It is my greatest pleasure to spend quality time with my family, and especially to see my two daughters SMILE or LAUGH.

I have lovely friends and a great extended family – apart from a few oddballs  (there is always one) and try to keep in touch with them as much as I can.

My Faith
I am a Christian, and take my faith seriously. I have always been a church-goer from since a little girl. I believe everyone should have a faith.

At one stage in my life I was heavily involved in church life. I believe that everyone should live a good life. Be kind and thoughtful. Show real love to people in your inner circle, but also be a help to strangers. If you can help somebody… then your living will not be in vain.

My hobbies
I enjoy writing, whether its books, articles, or responses to forum discussions or commentary on current affairs.
I play the piano, guitar and sing also. I used to be part of a singing group in my teenage years. I think we were called the Celestials. (don’t ask)

I enjoy playing badminton and table tennis.
One of my life’s ambitions was to learn to sew and guess what I started to learn in March 2013. I am presently doing a course in sewing and design of clothes.
I love reading and researching.

I occasionally like to watch certain sports on TV or in person, such as football, basketball and athletics. Arsenal is the team I support (or used to avidly)

My Personal  Interests

I like to hear news, read books or research on any of the following topics.

Green Energy
A Futuristic world
Religion & Theology

American Politics
African Politics
English History




Biographies of the rich and famous
Developing Countries



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