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These are the services I can offer to you.

  • A Speech for your Organisation or Event.
  • Motivational Talks
  • Unique Articles
  • One Woman Drama
  • Humour
  • A wealth of Experience in Various Businesses.
  • Food Manufacturing Experience
  • Consultancy (Business and Education)
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitator
  • Project Management
  • Project Collaboration


My expertise is in the following areas:

Economic Development
Faith and a fulfilled life



  1. How to start a business
  2. The mind of  a Successful Restaurant Owner
  3. How not to run a restaurant
  4. The adventures of a Supermarket Supplier
  5. The importance of Education
  6. Marriage Blues and Joys
  7. Single and Fulfilled
  8. Family relationships
  9. Twenty-five ways to make money
  10. Mother and Daughter relationship
  11. Economics – Wealth & Poverty
  12. The issues with Businesses Ownerships
  13. Successful  Entrepreneurs
  14. How not to Screw up your Life
  15. The art of thinking BIG
  16. Stop going around in Circles
  17. Fixing Relationships
  18. Economic Development
  19. Food & Health
  20. Making money with the Internet
  21. Women in Business
  22. ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences


Click Here for a Comprehensive list of topics D. S. Grant  speaks about.


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