Speaking Topics


My expertise is in the following areas:


Diversity & Inclusion


Time Management

Healthy Lifestyle
Economic Development
Faith and a fulfilled life

Some of my favourite Topics to speak about are below.

  1. Motivation – Making things Happen
  2. Healthy Lifestyle
  3. How to start a business
  4. Time Management
  5. Leadership
  6. How to be a Successful Restaurant Owner
  7. How NOT to run a restaurant
  8. The adventures of a Supermarket Supplier
  9.  Traditional Education or not?
  10. Real Diversity & Inclusion
  11. Understanding Black Lives
  12. Marriage Blues and Joys
  13. Single and Fulfilled
  14. Family relationships
  15. Mother and Daughter relationship
  16. Economics – Wealth & Poverty
  17. Business Nightmares
  18. Successful  Entrepreneurs
  19. The art of thinking BIG
  20. Stop going around in Circles
  21. Fixing Relationships
  22. Happy Couples – Realistic Journeys
  23. Economic Development
  24. Food & Health
  25. Making money with the Internet
  26. Women in Business
  27. ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences
  28. Fatherhood – Where’s the Father?

These are the services I can offer to you.

  • A Speech for your Organisation or Event.
  • A course tailored to fit the time you allow. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, half day, full day, two days.
  • Motivational Talks
  • One Woman Drama
  • Humour
  • A wealth of Experience in Various Businesses.
  • Consultancy (Business and Education)
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitator / Host
  • Project Management
  • Project Collaboration

Click Here for a Comprehensive list of topics D. S. Grant  speaks about.

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