D.S. Grant will stimulate and motivate an audience. With her life experiences and insight into situations, she will move you to action. She is not afraid to encourage independent thought and private examination of thought processes, motives and actions.

With humour, varied tones and styles which fit in with the audience before her, one cannot fail to be impressed. She has been described as “A breadth of Fresh Air”; “A powerful speaker”, “Inspirational”. “A woman with a story that’s worth telling”

Ms Grant was born in London, England.  She was always studious. She went to a North London local comprehensive – the one with the worse reputation. But she still left with 13 O’Levels (equiv GCSEs) at grades A to C, 4 A’Levels and all the typing exams she could possibly take – not even knowing then that computers would dominate the world.

Higher Education beckoned, and she went to Leicester University to study Mathematics, and took a Post Graduate Certificate in Education after the BSc Hons degree was achieved.

Ms Grant has taught in Secondary schools in East London and North London. She taught Mathematics and Information Technology. She later acquired middle management status as Head of IT in a large North London School for 10 years.

Business soon beckoned full-time and Dawn left teaching to become a web designer, author and entrepreneur. There were various business dreams that needed to be fulfilled.

Below follows the range of her experiences.

Web Designer

Restaurant Owner

Take Away Owner

Business Consultant


TV Executive

Food Manufacturer of Frozen Ready Meals

Publishing Business Owner

Founder of a Business Association

Conference Organiser

Event Managment


For 18 months, Dawn supplied Asda Stores (UK) with frozen Meals. She therefore has the inside knowledge on the process to upscale and supply supermarkets.

The publishing business – Upwards Publishing was formed in 2002, and two educational books  were published. The titles are:

Motivation for Teens

Book of Funny Spellings.

From 2012, a number of ebooks have been published.

Read your way to Change,

Radical Motivational Strategies

Smile your way to Love and Power.

These are available on the Amazon website.

A number of years ago, Ms Grant co-owned a restaurant/take away establishment. This lasted for 2 years, and proved valuable experience for the later business advice. Ms Grant is able to provide business advice and support from experience and not theory.

She understands business difficulties, and business success, and any issues in between. She is able to communicate effectively, and hold an audience’s attention for the duration of her allotted time.

For one year, Ms Grant worked with a satellite TV station –  as an executive and company secretary, involved in administration, scheduling, and programme planning. It was good experience for understanding what happens behind the scenes of a small Television station showing on the Sky digital platform.

Ms Grant’s clients have included: Business Link for London, London Development Agency, Mayor of London, One London and Learning and Skills centre, MP’s, Houses of Parliament, Various schools, Chamber of Commerce and more…

In addition there are millions of people who have benefited from several comprehensive websites which were founded by her.
Ms Grant  has won several awards, including the web award for integrity, best business, and best online directory.

She owns several websites, all around different themes. She has continued to do public speaking to share the wealth of knowledge that she has acquired.  She is an expert at gaining traffic for websites.

Ms Grant speaks at business events, in hotels and conference centres; at church events, cultural events, community centres as well as schools and colleges. Presentations are professional, and the content is unique, informative and with as much depth as you require, or as light-hearted as you request.

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