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Themes and Topics

For Public Speaking Events, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Meetings – D. S. Grant offers a range of topics.

The following are themes and topics offered, or spoken about previously.

If you have another theme or topic in mind, do contact us. Email info@dsgrant.co.uk

Business & Money

  • The mind of a Successful Restaurant Owner
  • How not to run a restaurant
  • How to start a business
  • The adventures of a Supermarket Supplier
  • Twenty-five ways to make money in today’s world
  • The issues with Owning a Businesses
  • Successful ¬†Entrepreneurs
  • Economics, Wealth and Poverty
  • Economic Development
  • Marketing for Business
  • Making money with the Internet
  • Women in Business
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Youth in Business
  • Become an Author



  • What’s the point of Education
  • Let us investigate the NO EDUCATION trick
  • The importance of Education
  • Diversity in a school or college
  • Motivation for Teens
  • Ms Average, it’s time to step up
  • Target Average – Is that it?



  • How not to Screw up your Life
  • Radical Motivation Strategies
  • The art of thinking BIG
  • Stop going around in Circles
  • Facing Disappointments and Winning
  • Motivation for Teens
  • Target Average – Is that it?


Health and Lifestyle Interest

  • The world of Health Freaks
  • What is Healthy Food?
  • Why can’t we just eat what we want to?
  • Food Entrepreneurs
  • Health Supplements
  • Food Security, Safety and Scarcity
  • Food Imports and Waste. Millions of tonnes dumped.
  • Fitness or Else
  • Mental Health and Vitamins
  • Toxins



  • The mind of a Successful Restaurant Owner
  • How not to run a restaurant
  • The Food Manufacturing Business
  • Supplying supermarkets
  • The world of ¬†Cuisine. How diverse is your food?
  • Ethnic Cuisine and it’s progress in the market place.
  • Fast Food Nation. How things are changing.
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes. How crucial are they?
  • Close your eyes and Pick a Diet. NOT
  • Food as Medicine.



  • Marriage Blues and Joys
  • Single and Fulfilled
  • Family relationships
  • Mother and Daughter relationship
  • Fixing Relationships
  • You direct your own drama

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