Think Big. Set Goals. Make it Happen

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Are your targets too low? OR do you have no targets at all? DO NOT place a cap on your achievements.  If that describes you or someone you know? Let me help to lift the lid today.

Come on Think Big.

Certain positions can be attained BY YOU?

You ARE good enough?

Don’t let  people around you fill you with doubt, and make you feel unable to move forward. What  you hoped for could be in your grasp, and you will have exciting adventures along the way.  Smooth Sailing is over-rated.

Great Friends, Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Mentors, Ministers and Motivational Speakers can be used to spur you on to achieve more. A new voice can have a huge effect on your psyche.  Hearing of the experience others can be the jolt you need to achieve greatly.  You cannot underestimate the power of inspiration.  You can be inspired with an idea today, that can make you a million within one year.

But what should you achieve?

A good exercise is to dream … and write your dreams on paper.

Write down 5 things you would really like to realistically achieve in your lifetime.  Then make these your goals.  I dare you to Think Big – really big and  Dream big.  Don’t think of obstacles.  Yes, they are there to be overcome, but that is not your first focus. There is a solution that can be found for every problem.  Take the limits off.

I can do all things through…..  (finish the sentence)


Why should you bother to Set  Goals?

Well, do you want things to happen to you just by chance?  Or do you want to make great things happen to you by design?

A goal is something you can make happen. You alone can make this happen, exclusive of anyone else. It is realistic. All it requires is for you to set your targets, action plan and time frame. People who set goals do better in life.

Separate your desires from your goals. No point getting in a muddle over what you can do, and what you cannot. A desire is something that you have no control over because it most often involves someone else or something else.

A desire being fulfilled might be dependent on a partner, a relative, a boss or a friend. It might be dependent on a contact’s experiences. It might be dependent on whether you have enough money, or have a particular circle of business acquaintances.

Goals are desires that can be met, if you engineer them by some action. You do your bit, and God or the Universe can bring it closer towards you. This would involve you changing someone’s mind, or acquiring something vital to success.

A desire can be termed as your wish list. But it takes no account as to how you actually achieve these things on the list.

A goal is different. You can set staged targets. This would be tasks that need to be done to achieve that goal. Then to each task, attach a HOWWITH or FROM WHOM (if needed) and WHEN. Following through these stages one by one, should enable you to attain the goal.

What you are essentially doing is planning – thoroughly. Fail to Plan, then Plan to Fail. It helps you to avoid surprises which can put you off course, if you just rush into something. Luck can occasionally rescue you. But, don’t depend on it.

Below gives structure



Task 1 …
Task 2 …
Task 3 …
Task 4 …


Or you may have different phases for a major goal, where each phase is a major milestone, or leap forward.

Phase 1***
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3

Phase 2***
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3

Phase 3***


After you have set out your plan, you then need to be diligent in carrying out the tasks.  No point making a lovely list of things to do, then not doing it.  Then at the end of 6 months, you are still at the same place, and you wonder why nothing has changed…

Think Big and Make it Happen.  It is in your hands….

If you need Coaching, Training or an Accountability Partner, contact D. S. Grant.  We all need a helping hand at some time or another. Don’t Give up.



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